5 Tips for Nailing the Interview

Conference room - close-up --- Image by © Viaframe/Corbis

1. Do not cancel or reschedule your interview. Nothing screams “I don’t really want this job” more than the inability to make it to the interview you just scheduled. They may give you another chance, but believe me, you’re starting in a hole.

2. Do not be more than 5 minutes early for an interview. I know this may sound counterintuitive, but think of it this way… the Interviewer is busy. He or she may want to use the 15 minutes before your interview to learn about you so that your interview is more productive. If you don’t allow them that time, you may find the interview doesn’t go as planned. While I strongly suggest that you give yourself ample time to get there, park and find the office, if you’re early, use the extra time to sit in your car and research the company.

3. First Impressions Matter! You can make a good first impression and be on your way to a new job by doing things such as showing up on time, knowing about the company and its culture, being enthusiastic and asking great questions. Do whatever you can to make an unforgettable impact on the hiring manager and score yourself that dream job!

4. Keep up appearances. Even if you know the company is casual, unless they specifically tell you otherwise, dress on the conservative side for the interview … particularly in an office environment. If it’s for an attorney, executive or manager role, a suit and tie is preferred. Once you are given an offer and accept the position, you can dress like the other employees in your position. Unless there is an overwhelming reason, better to err on the conservative side.

5. Put your phone away. While waiting for your interviewer to arrive, you might be tempted to check your emails, text or play games on your cell phone. Refrain from using your phone as this will be regarded as bad manners. Fiddling with your phone may also make you seem unprepared, unfocused and disinterested. A good rule is to switch off your phone before arriving for your job interview so you can be focused and make the best first impression.

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